Welcome to Oslo

Welcome to the Europan 11 Forum of Cities and Juries in Oslo, Norway.

The Forum of Cities and Juries brings together the 17 Europan national structures, members of the 14 juries, and representatives of the 49 sites involved in Europan 11. The Forum of Cities and Juries is structured as a series of debates, working groups, architectural excursions and social gatherings to discuss solutions and focus adjudication of the entries that have been short-listed by national juries. Insight gleaned during the Forum will be utilized by the national juries in the final selection of winning projects.

A three dimensional program:

As a new initiative, Europan Norway will be introducing for the first time public and academic programs to compliment the traditional Forum of Cities and Juries format. A series of lectures, debates, and student seminars will precede the Forum from November 1-3, enriching Europan discourse and encouraging new and widespread platforms for participation. This session’s Forum of Cities and Juries in Oslo is part of the official program of the National Association of Norwegian Architects 100th anniversary celebration, The Year of Architecture.

On behalf of Europan Norway and Europan Europe, we look forward to your participation in the Forum.


Europan Norway
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Europan Norway is a non-profit foundation organizing the Europan competition in Norway.

The Europan Norway board consists of the Bergen School of Architecture, Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norwegian University of Life Sciences and Norsk Form. The secretariat is managed by 0047.

Europan Norway is financed by its clients and partners, and the Norwegian Ministry of Culture.